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We are the Tibetan Education & Relief Association, including Himalayan Communities (T.E.R.A.) - registered charity number 802974, established 1986 - and we have long-standing projects in the Himalayan communities of Tibet, India, and Nepal, where we provide sponsorship for the education, health and welfare of multi-ethnic families and children in impoverished areas.


Our unpaid volunteers meet their own expenses so 100% of your donation goes directly to our projects, providing maximum value for your money and as much help as possible from every penny donated.


In a highly-restricted remote area of Tibet we support a part-time health clinic, which we have refurbished to a better level of functionality to make sure that people can access better healthcare. Read more on our Tibet Project page.


In Nepal we are sponsoring the education, health and welfare of 15 impoverished Nepalese Tamang, Magar, Newar, Chhetri, Tamu and Sherpa children – looking ahead, we aim to be able to sponsor 100 children every year. Read more on our Nepal Project page.


In an impoverished community in northern India, T.E.R.A. sponsors the health and welfare of eleven Indian families, our Representative and his assistant, and two elderly Tibetans (and others when aid is needed). Read more on our India Project page.


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